Conference on Arithmetic Geometry in honor of Luc Illusie

Virtual conference, June 7–11, 2021


Titles, Abstracts, and Slides


Monday June 7 Tuesday June 8 Wednesday June 9 Thursday June 10 Friday June 11
9:00–10:00 (UTC+2) Gérard Laumon
On the derived Lusztig correspondence
Takeshi Saito
Micro support of a constructible sheaf in mixed characteristic
Yichao Tian
Cohomology of prismatic crystals
Vladimir Berkovich
Hodge theory for non-Archimedean analytic spaces
Ahmed Abbes
The relative Hodge-Tate spectral sequence
10:15–11:15 (UTC+2) Cong Xue
Cohomology of stacks of shtukas
Michael Temkin
Logarithmic geometry and resolution of singularities
Yunqing Tang
Basic reductions of abelian varieties
Miaofen Chen
Newton stratification and weakly admissible locus in p-adic Hodge theory
Ofer Gabber
Comparison of oriented products and rigid toposes
11:30–12:30 (UTC+2) Kęstutis Česnavičius
Grothendieck–Serre in the quasi-split unramified case
Hélène Esnault
Motivic connections over a finite field
Sophie Morel
Intersection cohomology of Shimura varieties and pizza
Yongquan Hu
On a generalization of Colmez’s functor
Ngô Bảo Châu
Jet bundles and differential calculus
Closing remarks by Luc Illusie
16:00–17:00 (UTC+2) Arthur Ogus
Prisms, prismatic neighborhoods, and p-de Rham cohomology
Nicholas Katz
Exponential sums and finite groups
Alexander Beilinson
Height pairing and vanishing cycles
Bhargav Bhatt
The absolute prismatic site
17:15–18:15 (UTC+2) Kazuya Kato
Logarithmic abelian varieties
Martin Olsson
Representability results for flat cohomology
Akhil Mathew
Remarks on p-adic logarithmic cohomology theories






There were 738 registered participants (list), including speakers and organizers.